OBG Adventure Camps Alumnae, CampCaribe 2010

So here's what's up...

If you are looking for a cRaZy cool life-changing adventure for your daughter or loved one that will encourage independent travel, new friendships and loads of summer fun, then you have definitely come to the right place!

Established in 2010, OBG Adventure Camps (OBGAC) are travel and learning adventure programs that take small groups of deserving girls to tropical destinations for a travel camp curriculum that includes cultural appreciation, environmental and social engagement, volunteerism, loads of learning and of course, ridiculous amounts of waterfront fun!  OBGAC is a nationwide program open to Adventurers from all cultural backgrounds.

Our motto?
No video games. No cell phones.  No laptops. No parents.

Just nature, experiential learning, laughter and lots of waterfront fun in the sun!  Now THAT'S hot!

And if you still don't believe you can have a great time without technology, then check out what Kayla has to say (using text talk, ironically) about her time at CampCaribe 2010...

Captain Kayla
"i had alot of fun at camp. i am pouring tears. i miss u alot and everybody else but mostly u, miss coco, and lauren. i hope i get 2 c u guys again and come 2 camp next year. my mom tells me that u thought i was really good at camp and i pleased u well. thanks alot u r one of my heros...u helped me c that a brown gurl is no different than any other color gurl and i am thankful 4 that so much and i never thought i would say this but i love you truly."
~Kayla, age 11

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Executive Director, Tracey Friley
January 2012 / British Virgin Islands

Hi! I'm Tracey Friley, the Executive Director of OBG Adventure Camps!

As a kid, I always remember being in some type of camp or swim program.  As a pre-teen I remember singing Michael Jackson Christmas songs in the Marina del Rey Boat Parade dressed up as a little elf.  My fondest memories are of both camping with my family and camping without family at Catalina Island Girls Camp where I learned to water ski in the Pacific Ocean.  It probably comes to no surprise that I was typically the only little Brown Girl at camp.

Waterskiing in Barbados as a child
So naturally I'm hardly shocked at the shortage of private overnight resident camps with adequate numbers of ethnically diverse campers; particularly those with a focus on travel, cultural & environmental education, and beach & water activities. In fact, American Camp Association statistics indicate that less than 11% of campers in the independent camp sector are in minority groups.

Because of this inequity, because camp shaped me into the person I am today, and because camp helps kids gain independence, build character and develop critical thinking & social skills, OBG Adventure Camps was born.  [Fun Fact:  At one time, my personal camp story was published on [the now-defunct] Oprah's Angel Network Web site!]

CampCaribe 2010 Snorkelers
The bottom line for me as Executive Director is to try to create some level of balance by offering all girls an opportunity to participate in upper echelon waterfront camp activities through travel and learning adventure programs that will positively shift and shape their world view through travel, cultural appreciation, environmental stewardship, social engagement, volunteerism, and loads of waterfront fun!  In short, I'm putting my own personal spin on all of my positive camp experiences and have created what I am proud to say has become a premiere travel camp adventure for girls.

So here's where I stand:  Whether you send your children to an OBG Adventure Camps program (which of course I think you should) or any other program that has your loved one's best interests at heart, experiential learning - the process of making meaning from direct experience - is a brilliant supplement to your child's formal education.  In fact, it's priceless.

Cheers to travel! Cheers to camp! And cheers to having a great time!

With dedication, commitment and love...

Tracey Friley MBA, Executive Director
OBG Adventure Camps

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