Public Service Announcement from the American Camp Association

"I have the conviction that a few weeks
in a well-organized summer camp may be of more value educationally
than a whole year of formal school work."
-Charles Eliot,
former president of Harvard University
in his 1922 treatise on education

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CampCaribe 2011
Click here for more dolphin encounter photos from CampCaribe 2011!
Houseboat Mini-Camp 2010

CampCaribe 2010

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"hi mrs. tracey. i miss all of you so much already. i loved the fact of a new experience and making new friends. i was so sad and crying on the drive home and i even cried myself to sleep that night. however i am oh so greatful for a woman like you who would make a program like that me and [my sister] could go in the first place. why are you so kind? thats a question i dont have the answer to. i cant wait to see you again and miss you so much. with much love your camper,"
TaMara, CampCaribe 2010

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