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Q.  How do I keep up to date with OBGAC programs and events?
A.  Please - join the OBGAC mailing list!  It's a great way to stay up-to-date and have OBGAC announcements go straight to your email box!  We do not share or sell to third parties.  Ever.

Q: Does my daughter need a passport?
A Yes! In spite of the fact that both Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands are United States territories, a passport is the required identification for travel with OBG Adventure Camps (with the exception of US road trips). Click here to see how to apply for your first U.S. Passport. There are special requirements for those under 16.

Q:  I notice that the majority of your adventurers come from diverse cultural backgrounds?  Is this program based on cultural background?
A:  While it is true that the majority of the girls that have participated in OBGAC programs have come from culturally diverse backgrounds, OBGAC is open to girls from any and all cultural backgrounds and does not discriminate based on race, religion, origin or culture.  It is OBGAC's goal to serve a camp population that mimics the multiracial/multicultural world we live in while reaching out to the underserved (not to be confused with at-risk) and attempting to create balance via diversity outreach.

Q: What is the maximum allowable ratio of counselors to Adventurers?
A: 1:6.

Q.  Is OBGAC staff screened?
A.  All OBGAC staff undergo a thorough background investigation.

Q. Once we have registered and been approved, what's next?
A. When approved, the Parent Handbook and further instructions will be included with your acceptance letter.

Q: Is there a payment plan available?
A: Always.

Q: I want to send my daughter but the tuition is a little high for my budget. What can I do?
A: Supplement all or a portion of the tuition via fundraising and/or OBGAC's payment plan. Ask Tracey@OBGAdventureCamps.com for the fundraising letter.

Q: Is OBG Adventure Camps a non-profit corporation?
A: No. OBG Adventure Camps is an independent private residential travel camp program. 

Q: Does OBGAC have a bullying policy?
A: OBGAC has a Zero Tolerance policy at camp. Adventurers sign a No Bullying Pledge prior to camp and anyone that bullies will be sent home at the parents' expense.

Q: What is the menu at camp?
A: Three healthy and robust meals are served each day. Each meal has either fruit, salad and/or veggies. Special medical food needs or concerns (including food allergies - e.g. lactose intolerant or peanuts) should be brought to the Executive Director's attention. A variety of healthy snacks are offered while at camp as well as limited amount of soda and candy.

Q: I see you have a no cell phone policy, but I'm concerned about not being able to communicate with my daughter.
A: Once your Adventurer has arrived safely at our destination, you will be notified by text message. Likewise, parents receive updates from the Executive Director via Facebook. OBGAC believes that once parents make the decision to entrust their child to our care that - simply put - parents trust that she will be in good hands. By showing your Adventurer that you trust us, they in turn trust us as well, a critical component to developmental growth and success at camp.

Q: We don't live in California and notice that is where OBGAC is based.  How do I make travel arrangements for my daughter?
A: It is the responsibility of parents to drop off and pick up their Adventurers from our starting points. West Coast parents can pick up/drop off at either San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK) International Airport (depending upon the selected itinerary); and East Coast parents will drop off/pick up at an East Coast airport to be determined. Those travelling from the Southern California area will be responsible for their own airfare, but can travel with OBGAC staff from LAX on a designated flight.

Q: My daughter can't swim. Can she still go on an OBGAC excursion?
A: Yes, provided your daughter has no fear of the water.

Q: Does OBGAC accommodate special needs campers?
A: OBGAC is not a special needs camp.

Q: What will my child be doing at camp?
A: Plenty! Naturally, it makes sense that activities depend upon which program your Adventurer is signed up for. Rest assured that a typical day includes lots of opportunities for growth and exploration!

Q.  What are the anticipated benefits and outcomes of the camp experience?
A.  From the American Camp Association...
  • Social Skills Development
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Participation
  • Self-respect and Character Building
  • Responsibility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Community Living/Service Skills
  • Caring
  • Fairness
  • Citizenship
  • Trustworthiness


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