OBG Adventure Camps Announces Leaders in Training Program for 17 Year Olds

Saturday, March 17, 2012 0 comments

When I first put together the plan for OBG Adventure Camps, the age range for Adventurers was 11-14. Then I got heat from the parents of 15 and 16 year old girls and I raised the age requirement. I have good listening skills.  =)

So here we are three years and three safe and successful camp sessions later, and I'm going as high as I'm willing to go (laughing).  17 it is.

I am pleased to announce that I am formally adding a Leaders-in-Training program for two responsible pre-screened 17 year old girls (per camp session) who love the outdoors and want to add a little responsibility to their camp experience.

My decision to "finally go for it" was prompted by a conversation with the parent of a 17 year old. She told me she was looking for a place for her relatively shy daughter to shine. Well, I think I have just the spot for her. =)

If you are the parent of a 17 year old (or a 16 year old that will turn 17 by the next camp session in July 2013), reach out to me and let's talk. It could be that your daughter is a fit. And since there are only two LIT slots available, don't delay. I wouldn't want you her to miss out!

Chat soon!


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